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About Me

I'm a Canadian hacker with a strong interest in embedded systems, Linux & system administration, reverse engineering, and calculators. I've spent years building a collection of Texas Instruments calculators, which I will showcase here.
I'm also the admin of this project, and I have no idea what I'm doing most of the time.
Here's a picture of a donut:

Doughnut image (c) Ryan A. Monson CC-BY 2.0


Other ways to contact me:
Discord: MrAureliusR#0910
Tox ID: A625D9E9EAAA7B40C399F50BA8B255836EE5A09B6DD0C54CF0E190E24544DC39237D6389FAED

I prefer to use encrypted communication wherever possible. You can always encrypt any communication to me with my public PGP key.